CYTOO seminar

24. April
Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center, Cambridge, MA, USA
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Learn more about physiologically relevant assays for drug screening during a product seminar at Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center in Cambridge, MA, on April 24th.

You are cordially invited to discover the state of the art of culture tools, and to attend the case study presentation of CYTOO’s 2D+ Technology.

2D+ is a tool that provides 2D cultured cells with structural guidance. The guidance can be for individual cells or for groups of cells. Guidance can improve experimental reproducibility, sensitivity and provide a tool for understanding the relationship between structure and function in quantifying complex biological events. 2D+ restores the possibility for cells to adapt to their boundary conditions thus returning the opportunity to behave as mechano-sensing systems.

Considering cells as unified systems, from their adhesive points down to their architecture, gene expression, and function, can improve the way cellular assays are performed and the quality of data generated. The 2D+ Platform provides structural guidance to cells cultured in vitro and thus the framework for expression of a more physiological phenotype.

Courtesy of the lab of Drs Donna McPhie and Bruce Cohen, Harvard Medical School, MA, USA