CYTOO’s adhesive micropatterns are mentioned in more than 30 scientific papers

CYTOO is proud to announce that its adhesive micropatterns are mentioned in more than 30 publications, covering a wide range of research areas, and in prestigious journals such as NaturePlos OneDevelopmental Cell and Journal of Cell Biology. Two thesis mentioning CYTOO’s technology have also been defended.

Among major publications, some breakthroughs can be highlighted:

  • Kristine Schauer’s Organelle Map (finalist of the SLAS 2013 Innovation Award)
  • Ved Sharma’s study of tumor cell migration and pairing
  • Amandine Pitaval’s fine control of primary cilia growth
  • Arnaud Chevrollier’s approach of mitochondrial networks

These papers have been published in journals with 9.903 average Impact Factor, and have been cited 14 times on average. The most cited article is Sirio Dupont's "Role of YAP/TAZ in mechanotransduction", with 141 citations.