CYTOO's 2D+ Technology and Institut Curie’s Organelle Map in the limelight at SLAS 2013

CYTOO's 2D+ Technology and Institut Curie’s Organelle Map in the limelight at SLAS 2013 (Jan 12-16, Orlando)

CYTOO will attend the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) 2013 conference in Orlando, Florida, USA, to present the 2D+ Solutions, opening fresh perspectives for cell based assay development in drug discovery.

A $10,000 cash prize will be attributed during SLAS 2013, and recognizes extraordinary achievement in innovative laboratory science and technology. Kristine Schauer’s Organelle Map figures among the nine 2013 SLAS Innovation Award finalists. Kristine Schauer, from the Institut Curie in Paris, France, used the crossbow adhesive micropatterns to get reproducible shape and distribution of intracellular compartments and developed a mathematical algorithm to generate and compare probabilistic density maps of the different endosome compartments. This innovative approach is a powerful universal method to identify statistically relevant hits and drug effects in complex cell based assays.