High Content Screening

A recent statistical analysis (Swinney DC, Anthony J (July 2011). “How were new medicines discovered?”. Nat Rev Drug Discov) reveals that a disproportionate number of first-in-class drugs with novel mechanisms of action come from phenotypic screening.

High Content Screening is a priority at CYTOO. Our cell-based assays combine robustness (low CV and high Z’ due to morphology standardization), multiplexed visual read-outs (static and dynamic), and throughput. All the assays we develop are 96-well compatible, while the 384 format is coming out soon.

There are several reasons why CYTOO is one of the leading phenotypic screening and High Content Screening company in the world:

  • the more physiological cellular models we develop are grown in a plane z axis, making image acquisition easy, fast and robust,
  • we have experience working on 200 different cell types: primary cells, stem cells, immortalized cell lines,
  • for years we have been focusing on phenotypic read-outs and multiplexed protein fluorescent labelling
  • we own image analysis algorithm development capabilities,
  • all our cell-based assays are developed and run on state of the art High Content Screening devices.


And ​on top of that, our 3D spheroid cellular model OncoSpheres™  has a size interwell CV below 5%: although it is a 500um diameter spheroid, high-throughput image acquisition and image read-out multiplexing has been made possible!

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