Human cardiomyocytes derived from iPS (iCardio, CDI Inc.)

Based on cardio-specific micropatterns, we have reconstituted a more physiological environment and a higher level of maturation of human iPS- derived cardiomyocytes that can be organized and connected to reconstitute cardiac fibers. In such context, cardiomyocytes present a better sarcomere alignment, an increase in Connexin 43 expression and synchronous cell beating. Taking advantage of these important features, we are setting up hypertrophy, Ca2+ flux and cell beating assays.


Aligned sarcomeres, single cell or connected cells, high level of connexin 43 expression           


Cardiotoxicity, electrophysiology, beating, hypertrophy, contractility, fibrosis


Standardized morphology, robustness, HCA compatibility, synchronized beating

Our cardiomyocyte cellular model can be in-licensed should you wish to further develop novel HCA compatible read-outs and assays. CYTOO also offers custom cellular model and cell-based assay development through research contracts.

We also offer a fee-for service should you wish to screen your compounds for cardiac toxicity (Ca2+ flux, cell beating, contractility, hypertrophy, fibrosis).

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