MyoScreen™: Human myotubes derived from primary myoblasts


CYTOO has developed a first-in-class myotube model by fully maturing human primary myoblasts. Myotubes show a high level of striation, high fusion index with aligned nuclei, and low morphological variability enabling high Z’ factor and HCS screening. 





Accelerated differentiation of Myoblasts




Myotube formation is greater and faster on CYTOO compared to conventional culture






Myotube maturation

Myotube Maturation



Sarcomeric striation is drastically increased on CYTOO substrates compared to conventional condition.




Guiding myogenesis decreases myotube variability​




More mature phenotype, high level of striation, aligned nuclei, in-vivo like and standardized morphology



Neuromuscular junction functionalization




‒Drug discovery: 
•Muscle wasting (sarcopenia, cachexia, muscle disuse)
‒Disease models
•Muscular diseases incl. myopathies
•Neuromuscular disorders
•Metabolic disorders
•Muscle fibrosis
‒Animal health
•Increase muscle mass
‒Dermis contractility

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Our myotube cellular model can be in-licensed should you wish to further develop novel HCA compatible read-outs and assays. CYTOO also offers custom cellular model and cell-based assay development through research contracts.

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