The different phases of a cell-based assay development & screening project at CYTOO

Phase I: Cellular model development

  • Step 1: screen and select the best micropatterning and culture conditions
  • Optional: expression profiling of key genes of interest, functional marker labelling

Phase II: Assay development

     II.a Assay exploration

  • Step 2: Identify the read-outs with lowest CVs and
  • Step 3: with the best assay windows (2 reference compounds). Evaluate Z’

     II.b : Assay optimization

  • Design custom micropatterns, re evaluate read outs and optimize Z’

      II.c : Assay evaluation

  • Step 4: Define hit selection strategy and screen 10 compounds
  • Step 5: Determine IC50 dose response curves of positive hits

Phase III: Screening

  • Step 6: transfer assay at customer’s site for screening


  • Step 7: screen compounds at CYTOO

Should you wish to have your favorite cellular model or cell-based assay developed by CYTOO, see how we can work together or contact us.