OncoSpheres™ Drug Profiling

OncoSpheresTM models are best-in-class tools for anti-cancer drug profiling as they enable fully automated spheroid production and multiplexed high content analysis through a one step process.

Compatibility with existing High Content Screening equipment

OncoSpheres models can capture up to 9 spheroids per well in a fixed  x-y-z location enabling rapid and easy High Content Screening methods compared to other spheroid techniques. Image analysis can be performed using standard High Content Screening equipments.

Each spheroid allows for analysis of the necrotic, quiescent, and proliferating zones to enable more effective drug screening through the entire spheroid complex.


OncoSpheres HT-29 are 3D spheroids that recapitulate:

  • Tight control over cell growth
  • Up to 500um diameter
  • 9 spheroids per well
  • CV < 5%
  • Functional asymmetry (proliferating/quiescent zones, necrotic center)
  • Fully automated spheroid production and screening (one step process)
  • HCA/HCS compatibility
  • 3 parallel read outs to test drug potency and MOA (cytostatic, cytotoxic, acting on proliferating/quiescent cells)

Other OncoSpheres cell lines are available. Contact us for availability or ask us to develop OncoSpheres from your favorite cell line.

Our OncoSpheres drug profiling assays are available for screening as fee-for-service. Take advantage of our High Content Screening platform and expertise to screen your compounds and access unprecedented level of cancer drug efficacy and mechanistics!

CYTOO’s cell-based assays can alternatively be in-licensed and integrated to your screening or research platforms. The OncoSpheres model can also be in-licensed should you wish to further develop novel HCA compatible read-outs and assays. CYTOO also offers custom cellular model and cell-based assay development through research contracts.

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