Oncospheres™: Human 3D spheroids


CYTOO has created an innovative spheroid cellular model fully compatible with automation and HCS. The spheroids are produced and screened from the same plate. Multiplexed read-outs enable to discriminate compound MOAs (cytotoxic vs cytostatic, acting on dividing or quiescent cells).

The HT-29 OncoSpheres grow up to 500um diameter (with interwell CVs below 5% and demonstrated functional asymmetry (necrotic center, intermediary quiescent cells and peripheral cell proliferation). By growing 9 spheroids per well (96 well format) attached at defined well positions, we offer this model as fully compatible with automation and High Content Analysis.


Features (HT-29 model)

Up to 500µm diameter, tight control over growth kinetics and well position, interwell CV < 5%, 9 spheroids per well, functional asymmetry (dividing/quiescent zones, necrotic center)


Drug profiling, MOA studies, SNP, isogenic and tumor profiling, gene expression profiling, secretion, invasion outgrowth assays


Higher significance and statistical confidence, fully automated, HCA compatible with any confocal microscope and HCS instrument, high Z’ factor, one step production and screening, multiple read-outs allowing drug MOA analysis

Our OncoSpheres cellular model can be in-licensed should you wish to further develop novel HCA compatible read-outs and assays. CYTOO also offers custom cellular model and cell-based assay development through research contracts.

We also offer a fee-for service should you wish to profile your cancer drug compounds for activity and MOAs on a more physiological cell-based assay mimicking in vivo functional asymmetry.

For more information on our cellular models and Cell-Based Assays, please contact us. For business options and terms, click here.