Working Together

CYTOO is a Contract Research Organization which utilizes its micropatterning, read-out and assay development know-how to provide custom assay development, routine screening services and off-the-shelf cell-based assays. Utilizing proprietary technology and custom image analysis script development, in conjunction with our proven capability to develop physiological cellular models on micropatterns, we are able to partner with your discovery efforts to drive rapid, robust, and rich data results.

To maximize your satisfaction and the success of your project, we value the following:

  • A collaborative work to allow knowledge transfer
  • A flexible business model to adapt to your needs
  • A milestone-based engagement.


Access our Off-The-Shelf physiological cellular models and cell-based assays through CYTOOplates purchase with assay transfer or an annual license, or

Have CYTOO routinely screen its physiological cell-based assays on your behalf through a Master Service Agreement (fee-for-service), or

Outsource Custom Assay Development to CYTOO’s lab through a milestone-based Research Contract.


CYTOO has expertise in the development of HCS assays and drug screening in:

  • Toxicology (heart, liver, kidney, muscle, neurons)
  • Muscle hypertrophy drug screening
  • Cancer drug profiling on 3D spheroids
  • EMT
  • Angiogenesis
  • Cell motility
  • Cosmeceuticals screening
  • Cell contractility and elasticity
  • Neurology drug discovery
  • Heart fibrosis
  • Phenotypic screening

Next Generation HCS with physiologically relevant cellular models: only at CYTOO!

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