PromoCell Academy

21. June
Heidelberg, Germany
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CYTOO will be in Heidelberg, Germany, for a 1-day course about "Cell normalization using adhesive micropatterns".

The theoretical part includes:

  • Control of cell architecture and behavior by cell microenvironment engineering
  • Introduction to CYTOO’s adhesive micropatterns
  • Automated image acquisition and image processing of micropatterned cells
  • Live Cell Imaging using micropatterns
  • Examples of applications using various micropatterns
  • Design of custom micropatterns adapted to your biological questions
  • Adhesive micropatterns in High Content Screening and Drug Discovery
  • Presentation of a case study
  • Reference CellTM concept 

The practical part includes:

  • Cell seeding experiments on adhesive micropatterns
  • Microscope observation of cell spreading on micropatterns
  • Acquisition of fluorescence microscope images on the fixed and stained demo samples
  • Automated image processing and analysis (using ImageJ)

The number of participants is limited to maximum 8 persons in order to ensure the best possible learning climate.