September 2012

21 September 2012
CYTOO has teamed up with Cenix BioScience and three European academic partners to challenge the current limits of high throughput (HT) RNAi screening in cultured cells. The SME-driven project, coordinated by CYTOO, aims to combine HT applications of RNAi with an emerging new technology for normalizing cultured cells' behavior by growing them on adhesive micropatterns. Currently in its first year of development, the consortium is seeking to put together an end user committee, with annual meetings, which would have privileged access to the consortium results, and which would provide precious...
18 September 2012
CYTOO S.A., announces today new results that demonstrate the ability of the Company’s 2D+ Cell Culture Platform to enable two new high content analysis approaches: quantitative density mapping of trafficking compartments and standardized mitochondrial analysis. The results will be presented next week at MiPTec 2012 in Basel by the researchers from the Institut Curie in Paris and Angers University Hospital/INSERM, France.