CYTOO and Cellectis bioresearch receive funding for a 10M$ R&D project

The ETICS project, led by CYTOO in collaboration with Cellectis bioresearch and the CEA, to receive €7.6 million in aid from OSEO. A collaboration to develop highly innovative kits for pharmaceutical research

Paris, September 26, 2011 - CYTOO, a company that specializes in cell-based assays (Grenoble, France), has joined up with Cellectis bioresearch, the specialist in genome customization and commercial subsidiary of Cellectis (Alternext: ALCLS), and the CEA, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, to develop new high-value cell-based assays for drug development and toxicology.

The project, named ETICS , will focus on the development of cell-based assays, which will be commercialized as kits, comprising cells genetically modified by Cellectis bioresearch and CYTOO’s micropatterned supports. By controlling the expression, the architecture and the 2D and 3D environment of the cells, thus mimicking in vivo conditions of the tissue they derive from (liver, heart…), these assays will have much higher relevance to discover better and safer drugs.

OSEO, the French agency supporting innovation, is providing €7.6 million in funding for the ETICS project for the next 5 years, including €4 million for CYTOO, €2.9 million for Cellectis bioresearch and €0.7 million for the CEA. This project could generate over €600 million for the consortium in ten years.

« The three partners of the ETICS project have complementary know-how and synergies in the key domains for the success of such a project », said François Chatelain, Chairman and CEO of CYTOO.

"This funding will enable us to extend our product offering and to win market shares from our major North American competitors", stated Marc Le Bozec, Cellectis bioresearch CEO. "I would like to congratulate the ETICS partners and OSEO teams for the quality of work accomplished, which we believe will yield an important advancement in the development of new drugs".