Muscular Atrophy/Hypertrophy

Our human myotube cellular model displays a so far unreached level of maturation and standardization which enables robust High Content Screening of atrophy and hypertrophy read outs.

Statins withdrawal from the market lead to a considerable economic burden for the pharmaceutical industry, and unravels the need to access to more physiologically relevant in vitro models dedicated to muscle damage detection. In this context, we have developed a more mature myotube model improving the sensitivity of myotoxic drug detection.

When cultured on CYTOO micropatterns, primary human myoblasts differentiated faster into myotubes and presented a higher degree of maturation compared to standard culture conditions, i.e. a higher level of striation. Moreover, myotube morphology was standardized which enabled accessing new parameters for their characterization upon drug treatment.

To further demonstrate the benefits of our model, we developed dedicated image analysis algorithms and screened reference myotoxic compounds to assess a potential gain of sensitivity compared to standard culture methods.

Reference compounds for atrophy (dexamethasone) and hypertrophy (IGF-1) were tested on human myoblast (Lonza Biosciences) derived myotubes under conventional and micropatterned conditions.



The screening of a myotoxic library (Enzo) validated the higher sensitivity of myotoxic drug effects in particular for statins (contact us to have access to screen data).


  • Increased sensitivity of myotoxicity detection
  • Statin myotoxicity detection
  • Robustness, high Z’, HCA compatible
  • Distinction of MOAs
  • Parallel screening of cytotoxicity
  • Hypertrophy assay for drug discovery (sarcopenia, cachexia, muscular diseases)

Our muscular atrophy and hypertrophy assays are available for screening as fee-for-service. Take advantage of our High Content Screening platform and expertise to screen your compounds and access unprecedented level of myotoxicity detection!

CYTOO’s cell-based assays can alternatively be in-licensed and integrated to your screening or research platforms. The myotube cellular model can also be in-licensed should you wish to further develop novel HCA compatible read-outs and assays. CYTOO also offers custom cellular model and cell-based assay development through research contracts.

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