18 December 2014
Refining Cellular Assays via Micropatterns Cytoo Manipulates Cell Deposition to Develop 3D Models that Balance Quality (High Content) and Quantity (High Throughput) by Gail Dutton Read the full story here !   Cytoo has developed a myotube model by fully maturing human primary myoblasts. Myotubes show a high level of striation, high fusion index with aligned nuclei, and low morphological variability enabling high Z’ factor and high-content screening. Applications include atrophy and hypertrophy assays.
09 December 2013
CYTOO will be at the American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA, USA, to present its 2D+ and 3D Cell Culture Platform. This innovative solution opens fresh perspectives for cell based assay development, through more physiologically relevant cellular models. On December 17, from 1:45 pm to 3:45 pm, Manuel Théry, PhD (iRTSV, CEA) will present a showcase entitled Enabling cell physiology through 2D+/3D cell culture on micropatterns. CYTOO is also participating to the Thermo Scientific workshop, held on Sunday, December 15, 2013 from 11:30 to 1:30, to present the...
23 September 2013
CYTOO’s 2D+ and 3D+ Cell Culture Platform at MipTec 2013 (Sept 24-26, Switzerland) CYTOO will attend the MipTec 2013 conference in Basel, Switzerland. The company will present the 2D+ and 3D+ Cell Culture Platforms, opening fresh perspectives for cell based assay development in drug discovery. During MipTec, CYTOO will be Gold Sponsor for the Stem Cells in Biomedicine Scientific Forum, held on September 24. CYTOO will then present the “Phenotypic profiling using probabilistic density maps generated from micropatterned cells”. During the Thermo Scientific Industrial Symposium, held on...
24 May 2013
Marc Le Bozec, who has been a major stakeholder in industrial and academic biotechnologies in France for more than 15 years joins CYTOO as Chief Executive Officer. For several years, he worked as a consultant in organization (Bossard Consultants) and in strategy (Arthur D. Little). He founded BioProtein Technologies and managed it for 8 years. He then joined Alfact Innovation as Chief Operating Officer, and contributed to the launch of a clinical trial for liver diseases. He then joined Cellectis, and made it grow from a promising start-up to a European leader in many fields. He was Chief...
12 March 2013
CYTOO is proud to announce that its adhesive micropatterns are mentioned in more than 30 publications, covering a wide range of research areas, and in prestigious journals such as Nature, Plos One, Developmental Cell and Journal of Cell Biology. Two thesis mentioning CYTOO’s technology have also been defended. Among major publications, some breakthroughs can be highlighted: Kristine Schauer’s Organelle Map (finalist of the SLAS 2013 Innovation Award) Ved Sharma’s study of tumor cell migration and pairing Amandine Pitaval’s fine control of primary cilia...
28 January 2013
CYTOO sponsors the Motility subgroup at the Biophysical Society meeting (Feb 02-06, Philadelphia) CYTOO will attend the Biophysical Society (BPS) 57th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA to present its innovative Cell Culture Platform, based on adhesive micropatterns. After the recent launch of the CYTOOplates Motility, specifically designed to study cell migration for screening applications in both oncology and drug discovery, the company has the great pleasure to sponsor the Motility subgroup.  
07 January 2013
CYTOO's 2D+ Technology and Institut Curie’s Organelle Map in the limelight at SLAS 2013 (Jan 12-16, Orlando) CYTOO will attend the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) 2013 conference in Orlando, Florida, USA, to present the 2D+ Solutions, opening fresh perspectives for cell based assay development in drug discovery. A $10,000 cash prize will be attributed during SLAS 2013, and recognizes extraordinary achievement in innovative laboratory science and technology. Kristine Schauer’s Organelle Map figures among the nine 2013 SLAS Innovation Award ...
02 January 2013
CYTOO launches 2D+ Solutions at High Content Analysis (HCA), January 08-11, 2013 CYTOO will launch the 2D+ Solutions at the High Content Analysis (HCA) Annual Meeting in San Francisco, USA. 2D+ Solutions opens fresh perspectives for cell based assay development in drug discovery. CYTOO’s Custom Solutions bring expertise, resources and technology to address current bottlenecks in cell based assay development and screening.  
10 December 2012
Exclusive offer at American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), December 15-19, 2012 CYTOO will offer a significant discount on all CYTOO Motility products at the ASCB 2012 Annual meeting in San Francisco: attendees are invited to visit ASCB Booth #329 for this exclusive offer!  
03 December 2012
CYTOO's Motility Plates to study cell migration to be launched at American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), December 15-19, 2012 CYTOO will launch the CYTOOplates Motility, based on CYTOO’s 2D+ Cell Culture Platform with its adhesive micropatterns, at the ASCB 2012 Annual meeting in San Francisco, USA. After sponsoring last year’s “World Cell Race”, showcased at ASCB 2011 with huge success, CYTOO returns to ASCB 2012 to launch a new product to study cell migration for screening applications in both oncology and drug discovery